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A R T I C L E S :

Sep 11, 2003  //  Campus Expansion Worries Neighbors, Columbia Daily Spectator
Jun 24, 2003  //  Columbia Expansion Plans Discussed at CB9 Meeting, Columbia Daily Spectator
Jul 30, 2003  //  Columbia, in a Growth Spurt, Is Buying a Swath of Harlem, The New York Times
Dec 04, 2003  //  Leaders of Expansion Discussion Emerge, Columbia Daily Spectator
Dec 05, 2003  //  Columbia Seeks to Rezone Manhattanville, Columbia Daily Spectator
Dec 08, 2003  //  Waste Transfer Station May Affect Plans for Expansion, Columbia Daily Spectator
Jan 22, 2004  //  Manhattanville Expansion is Vital for Future, Columbia Daily Spectator
Jan 26, 2004  //  Admins Hint at Expansion Plans, Columbia Daily Spectator
Apr 14, 2004  //  CB9 Committee Discusses Zoning for Manhattanville, Columbia Daily Spectator
Apr 20, 2004  //  Bollinger Unveils Harlem Expansion Plans, Columbia Daily Spectator
Apr 22, 2004  //  Grand Ideas, With Some Practical Obstacles Ahead, Columbia Daily Spectator
Sep 13, 2004  //  In West Harlem, Residents Feel Expansion Concerns, Columbia Daily Spectator
Oct 04, 2004  //  Battle Over Eminent Domain Rages Around CU, Columbia Daily Spectator
Jan 21, 2004  //  Exposing Expansion, Columbia Daily Spectator
Jan 25, 2005  //  West Manhattan Approved for Rezoning, Columbia Daily Spectator
Jan 31, 2005  //  Landmark Status Proposed For Manhattanville Structures, Columbia Daily Spectator
Apr 01, 2005  //  Lobbying for Manhattanville, Columbia Daily Spectator
Apr 14, 2005  //  CU Paving Way For Eminent Domain Use, Columbia Daily Spectator
Sep 12, 2005  //  MTA Won't Sell M'ville Depot, Columbia Daily Spectator
Nov 15, 2005  //  Historic Local Diner's Fate in Limbo, Columbia Daily Spectator
Nov 16, 2005  //  CU Expansion Foes Go On the Record, Columbia Daily Spectator
Oct 02, 2005  //  Manhattanville Churches Packing the Pews, Columbia Daily Spectator
Feb 06, 2006  // 
Bollinger Explains M'ville Benefits, Columbia Daily Spectator
Feb 17, 2006  //  University Presents New Science Facility At CB9 Meeting, Columbia Daily Spectator
May 21, 2006  //  The Manhattanville Project, The New York Times
Jun 01, 2006  //  Columbia's Planned Expansion Draws Fire From Small Businesses, Community Board, The New York Sun
Nov 20, 2006  //  In West Harlem Land Dispute, It's Columbia vs. Residents, The New York Times
Jul 22, 2007  //  Bracing for the Lion, The New York Times
Dec 21, 2007  //  For a Top-Tier University, There's Now Room to Get Even Better, The New York Times
Dec 21, 2007  //  Despite Earlier Defiance, Holdout in Columbia's Expansion Zone Are Down to 3, The New York Times
Jan 11, 2008  //  Pushing Back As Columbia Moves to Spread Out, The New York Times
Jan 13, 2008  //  Vanished City Industry Uncovered in Land Fight, The New York Times
Jul 22, 2008  //  Zero Hour in West Harlem, The New York Observer
Aug 09, 2008  //  The Last Picture Show, The New York Times
Aug 15, 2008  //  At Harlem's Heart, An Enigmatic Neighborhood, The New York Times
Sep 03, 2008  //  Columbia Chief Presses for Expansion, The New York Sun
Sep 03, 2008  //  Fight Against Eminent Domain Grows More Fierce, Columbia Daily Spectator
Sep 04, 2008  //  Hearing on Columbia Plan Elicits Emotional Speeches, The New York Times
Sep 20, 2008  //  2 Gas Stations, and a Family's Resolve, Confront Columbia Expansion Plan, The New York Times
Sep 30, 2008  //  Columbia Ignores Peril, The Village Voice
Oct 06, 2008  //  Columbia Closes on Warehouse in Expansion Footprint for $14.8 M, The New York Observer
Oct 07, 2008  //  Singh Family Gas Station Continues Holdout, Columbia Daily Spectator
Oct 13, 2008  //  Floridita Owner Says Negotiations With Columbia Will Resume, Columbia Daily Spectator
Oct 20, 2008  //  CU Works Toward Phase One of Expansion, Columbia Daily Spectator
Dec 04, 2008  //  Business Owner Energized by Expansion

B L O G S :

My Land Is Mine  :  A blog run by Tuck-It-Away Storage owner Nick Sprayregen.
         Columbia University Has No Right to My Land, The Wall Street Journal
         Columbia's Land Grab, The New York Post
BWOG  :  The Columbia University undergraduate magazine's campus blog.
Gothamist : New York City blog.
Curbed : New York City real estate blog.
The Eminent Domain : New York City development blog.
Public Hearings on Columbia's Use of Eminent Domain, Next Week, The Campaign for Community-Based Planning
CB9M : The blog of the Community Board 9 chairman.

C O L U M B I A :

Manhattanville in West Harlem
Columbia University's Manhattanville Expansion Proposal Selected for Environmentally Sustainable Neighborhood Design Pilot Program
The President's Report: Manhattanville in West Harlem
The Studebaker Building

A R C H I T E C T S ,   D E V E L O P E R S   &   O R G A N I Z A T I O N S :

SOM : Columbia University Manhattanville Campus Master Plan
New York City Department of City Planning Manhattanville Final Environmental Impact Statement
The Public Information Exchange
The Pratt Center for Community Development
Plan NYC
Community Board 9
Morningside-Heights.net (See also: Original CU Campus Plan 1 and 2.

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